The Eastern European Liaison Committee (EELC)

Chair: Professor Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, Jena, Germany
Co-Chairs: Professor Christos Karakolis, Athens, Greece
 Professor Tobias Nicklas, Regensburg, Germany

In Memoriam
Professor Ulrich Luz  23.2.1938 – 13.10.2019
Voices of Appreciation from EELC Members

East-West Symposia

One of the major developments of the EELC has been the arrangement of East-West Symposia, bringing together New Testament scholars from Orthodox (east), Catholic and Protestant (west) traditions.

Regional Joint Conferences

Beside the East-West Symposia EELC has been involved in running other Regional Joint Conferences and in significant developments in the region.


  • 2018   Athens, 5 -7 August
  • 2014   Szeged, 4 – 5 August
  • 2012   Leuven, 31 July
  • 2010    Berlin, 27 July

Bibliotheca Biblica

Through the EELC, SNTS has been involved in the establishment and support of the Bibliotheca Biblica in St Petersburg, Russia, Sofia, Bulgaria, Belgrade, Serbia, and Moscow, Russia as research libraries and study centres.

News from Bratislava

The second conference in the series, Paul within Judaism – New Perspectives (VEGA 1/0103/18), took place 10-13 September, 2019, at the Evangelical Lutheran Theological faculty, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, funded by the Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Academy of Sciences, for the years 2018–2020. The theme: Paul’s Message and Jewish Eschatological Notions Concerning Israel’s Role Towards the Nations. Its focus was especially the place of non-Jews in Jewish restoration eschatology. Participants included František Ábel, Kenneth Atkinson, Michael Bachmann, Daniel Boyarin, William S. Campbell, Genevive Dibley, Kathy Ehrensperger, Paula Fredriksen, Josh Garroway, Jiří Lukeš, Mark D. Nanos, Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, Eric Noffke, Matthew V. Novenson, Markus Öhler, Imre Peres, Patrick Pouchelle, Anders Runesson, Loren Stuckenbruck, and Mikael Winninge. It continued the theme of the first conference, 24-26 October, 2018, whose papers are now published: The Message of Paul the Apostle within Second Temple Judaism (Lexington /Fortress Academic).
– based on a report by Prof. Mgr. František Ábel, PhD., Comenius University in Bratislava, Evangelical Lutheran Theological Faculty, Department of New Testament