The African Liaison Committee (ALC)

(established 2003)
Chair: Professor Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole, Nairobi, Kenya

2019 – The 15th Bi-annual meeting of the SNTS ALC Nairobi Group was held on 27 April 2019 at the United Bible Societies, Nairobi, Kenya.

2018 – joint conference at Catholique University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi, Kenya, 11-13 September.
Theme: Bible and Orality in Africa

2018 – joint conference at North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa with the New Testament Society of Southern Africa (NTSSA), 3–6 April
Theme: Early Christianity and Social Boundaries

2017 – pre-conference at the Pretoria SNTS Meeting, 7-8 August. Theme: Interpreting the Gospel of John in Africa. Participants from Nigeria, Kenya, DR Congo, Lesotho, Zambia, Ghana, South Africa

2016 – joint conference at the Nairobi Hub of the United Bible Societies 25 February
Theme: Interpreting the Gospel of John in Africa

2016 – joint conference at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, 26 May 2016
Theme: Interpreting the Gospel of John in Africa

2015 – joint conference with Society of Biblical Scholars/Institute for Biblical Preaching, at St Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya, 24-28 September 2015 – and joint conference at Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, 24-25 September
Theme: Knowledge or Wisdom? Theological Approaches in Africa

2015 – 11th Bi-annual Meeting of the ISS at Hekima University College, Nairobi, Kenya, 3 October

2013-2014 – Members of ISS engaged in conferences outside Kenya in South Africa at University of Pretoria and University of South Africa

Since 2009 the African Liaison Committee has merged with the Institute of Scripture Studies (ISS), now renamed The Institute for Biblical Scholarship in Africa (IBSA), which includes three units: New Testament Studies, Old Testament Studies and Bible Translation Studies Regional Conferences. ISS has followed the pattern of holding two conferences a year in Kenya

In 1999 the SNTS meeting in Pretoria meeting was followed by a conference in Hammanskraal with the theme African readings of the Bible, and communicating the Bible in a post-2000 world. In response to the issues raised there SNTS established in 2003 the Africa Liaison Committee.