SNTS provides sponsorships to members and invited guests from the regions of the Society’s International Initiatives Program (Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific, and Latin America/Caribbean) to enable them to attend the annual meeting of the Society who on grounds of financial disadvantage would not otherwise be able to do so.

Applications for sponsorship, accompanied by a rationale concerning need, come through the Chair of the regional Liaison Committee to the Assistant Secretary for International Initiatives for approval. Sponsorship of guests is possible only after guests have been approved by the President.

The sponsorship normally covers cost of

  • accommodation for 5 nights
  • registration fee (which covers also meals – lunch and dinner)
  • a Saturday excursion
  • travel to and from the meeting venue

Accommodation. The Local Organising Committee has responsibility for arranging appropriate accommodation. Where possible this should include breakfast. Where this is not the case, sponsored members and guests, for whom the costs would be a problem, may seek reimbursement for costs of breakfast.

Registration. Registration includes the cost of all standard aspects of the program, including use of facilities and meals (lunch and dinner).

Saturday Excursion. Sponsored members and guests may choose from among the options offered.

Travel Costs. For standard sponsorships which include travel costs, which will vary according to distance to be travelled and available flights, sponsored members and guests are expected to choose less expensive economy fares and to submit quotations for proposed bookings to the Assistant Secretary for International Initiatives and Treasurer and for prior approval, who will also arrange payment or reimbursement. Sponsored members and guests may also seek reimbursement for other reasonable travel costs, especially where travel entails a significant component of local travel (for instance, where an airport is a considerable distance from the venue).

Sponsorships and Pre-conferences Where a Liaison Committee is also responsible for running a pre-conference immediately before the main SNTS meeting, it may treat its allocation of 6 sponsorships as providing a budget, within which it has flexibility to propose sponsorships for more than 6 members or guests, especially where some aspects of the normal sponsorship, such as travel, may be able to be met by the person or the person’s institution, and is allocated the equivalent of an additional sponsorship to cover costs of the pre-conference.