Montreal 2016 General Meeting

The next General Meeting will be hosted by McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, on 2nd – 5th August.

The conference website, with details about Registration, Programme, Accommodation and Travel, is:

The Local Organizing Committee is chaired by Prof. Gerbern Oegema, and supported by Mrs Patricia Martel of Conferences, Groups and Incentives (CGI).

The conference office is best contacted by email: Alternatively: telephone +1-514-846-9191 ext. 30; post: McGill University, Montreal
Faculty of Religious Studies, Birks Building, 3520 University Street, Montreal, QC, H3A 2A7, Canada.

Queries concerning the Academic programme should be addressed to Dr Andrew Clarke, Secretary of the Society (

Attending members, who would like a guest to be invited, should contact Prof. Todd Still, Assistant Secretary of the Society (