Bibliotheca Biblica

In 1997, following the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, the then President of SNTS, Ulrich Luz, drew attention to the plight of East European scholars who had been starved of biblical resources for 40 or 70 years, and who needed help to reconstitute library resources if biblical scholarship was to revive and flourish in their countries. This led to the establishment of the following biblical libraries:

St Petersburg (Russia) and Sofia (Bulgaria) which have become centres for biblical study and a commitment to seek to supply resources through donations of books and personal libraries. Those seeking to make donations should first communicate with the contact person about the best way of doing so.

St Petersburg Bibliotheca Biblica Contact: Prof. Anatoly Alexeev In 2000 the Institute for Biblical Studies at the Philological Faculty of St. Petersburg State University (BA and MA program) was established.

Sofia Bibliotheca Biblica Contact: Prof. Ivan Zhelev Dimitrov In 2002 the Collegium Biblicum Bulgaricum was established

Belgrade Bibliotheca Biblica Contact: Dr. Predrag Dragutinovic
Belgrade, Serbia: In 2013 the Library of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology was founded

Moscow, Russia: St. Cyril and Methodius Aspirantura et Doktorantura Contact: Ivan Parfenov

Other Biblical or Theological Libraries in Eastern Europe These also need support through gifts of books:

Minsk, Belarus: Library of the Theological Institute of the Belarusian State University
Contact: Dr. Sviatoslav Rogalsky

Tartu, Estonia: Estonia Library of the Faculty of Theology
Contact: Prof. Peeter Roosima

Budapest, Hungary: Library of the Theological Faculty of Karoly Gaspar Reformed University

Debrecen, Hungary: Library of the Reformed Theological University Contact: Prof. Imre Peres

Szeged, Hungary: Library of the Theological Faculty

Riga, Latvia: Library of the Theological Faculty of the University of Latvia in Riga
Contact: Dr. Dace Balode

Sibiu, Romania: Facultatea de Teologie Biblioteca

Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Centrum Biblicum
Contact: Prof. Stelian Tofana

Skopje, Macedonia: Library of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology Contact: Prof. Grozdanowski