The Eastern European Liaison Committee (EELC)

(established 1995)

Chair:         Professor Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, Jena, Germany
Co-Chairs:  Professor Christos Karakolis, Athens, Greece
           Professor Tobias Nicklas, Regensburg, Germany

East-West Symposia
One of the major developments of the EELC has been the arrangement of East-West Symposia, bringing together New Testament scholars from Orthodox (east), Catholic and Protestant (west) traditions.

Regional Joint Conferences
Beside the East-West Symposia EELC has been involved in running other Regional Joint Conferences and in significant developments in the region.


  • 2018   Athens, 5 -7 August
  • 2014   Szeged, 4 – 5 August
  • 2012   Leuven, 31 July
  • 2010    Berlin, 27 July

Bibliotheca Biblica

Through the EELC, SNTS has been involved in the establishment and support of the Bibliotheca Biblica in St Petersburg, Russia, and in Sofia, Bulgaria as research libraries and study centres.